hi, i'm hanna (she/they)
apart from other things i do and don't do in life, i am working as a photographer  based in vienna, austria.
for thoughts and enquiries, say hi: hanna.fasching@gmail.com

examples of photographic projects you can commission me with: 

  • artist portraits
  • documentary photography (theatre/performances/projects/work /events/...)
  • documenting/portraying you or you and your chosen fam, lover(s) or other loved ones  💘
  • teaching you basic photography and image editing skills
  • discussing body politics with you and exploring this topic through photography together
  • documentation of an intimate moment in your life
  • behind the scenes / set photography
  • product photography
  • holding some space for you and taking your portraits while you're going through the worst or  best  phase of your life , a heartbreak, etc. 

prices upon request.
life is difficult, capitalism sucks and commissioning photographers is something many simply can not afford. i am also just trying to make a living, but i am very much willing to consider your socioeconomic situation in my pricing and/or come up with alternative payment methods for you. let's figure something out that works for both of us!

also please don't hesitate to contact me if you are in need of photographs for a cause/story that is important to you or your community, but have little to no budget to hire a photographer. i am happy to hear from you and if your project aligns with my personal/political values and my capacities allow so, i am probably willing to support you. i just ask you to be very clear upfront about your budget situation. thank you! 💘


Hanna Fasching
Barichgasse 8,
1030 Wien

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